The Astar Project (TAP)
Art for transformation, healing and community development

The Astar Project (TAP) was launched in 2016 to co-ordinate ASTAR community development work, to offer professional support for facilitators and to initiate partnerships with relevant organisations to integrate ASTAR into their programs.

For many years, the emotional, physical and spiritual healing benefits of the Astar process have been felt in a variety of contexts such as community centres, prisons, rehabilitation and trauma centres, homes for refugees and senior citizens, hospitals and hospices. Art processes have been designed and integrated into self-development courses for adults, youth and children in community projects. Workshops have also been designed for team-building and visioning in organisations. 

TAP is a registered non-profit organisation. If you would like to support TAP to ensure the continuation of this valuable work, please contact us at 084 410 7453 or

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